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Up To Date:

I am currently working on a musical film entitled "UNTO US" (working title).  I have written 10-12 songs for this project and we are in the stage of working with various producers around the country in the film and music industries to make these tracks attractive to the talent we want.  Arthur Rasco, my friend and collaborator behind the film's concept, and I keep putting one foot in front of the other as we continue to gather momentum for this phenomenal, life changing story.  

Keep visiting this page for updated details!

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COOL'S ANGEL - a new telling of the James Dean story

Since Mark Fauser and I have been working on this fantastic and intriguing story about one of Grant County's "Hometown Heroes" - the iconic movie star, James Dean, we have developed this concept from table reads to a staged reading to an original studio cast album to a movie musical script.  

Check out our website... and discover a bit of the fruits of our journey.

"Celebrate Christmas"

During the fall of 2016, I was able to create a new work that served as the centerpiece for the IWU School of Arts and Humanties Christmas event, "Joy To the World".  This new work turned out to be the choral anthem, "Celebrate Christmas" which can be seen on the video page ("Celebrate Christmas begins at 10:49, after my arrangements of "See, Amid the Winter Snow" and "I Heard the Bells").

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